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Joan of Arc In Domremy, France, 1412, Joan of Arc was born to Jacques d’Arc and Isabelle Romee. During Joan’s childhood, France was divided because King Henry V of England defeated the French at Agincourt after he had successfully invaded France. This made the country very divided and weak. When Joan turned twelve, she started to have visions. She felt that God’s voice was telling her to renew the French nation. Joan said that St.Michael, St.Catherine, and St.Margaret told her to renew the French nation and to also bring Charles VII, the Dauphin, to Reims for his coronation, in her first vision. Joan asked a kinsman, Durand Lassois, to take her to Count Robert de Baudricourt in Vaucouleurs where she petitioned the Garrison commander, so that she could hopefully be granted permission to go to the Royal French Court in Chinon. He didn’t approve. The following year she came back with two standing men: Jean de Metz and Bertrand de Poulengy, where she got another interview with a great prediction reversal near Orleans. Joan was then allowed to go to Chinon and she went there dressed in male clothing. At this point in time, the Hundred Years war was going on and France’s civil and military leadership severely lost confidence. Dauphin agreed when Joan asked permission to be placed at the front of his army and to be equipped for war. He hoped that by doing this it would help strengthen his troops, especially religiously. Joan made it to the siege of Orleans in April, 1429. With Joan as the leader, the army was inspired again. Before her, they had only attempted one attack and lost badly during the siege of Orleans. The French army attacked and captured Saint Loup on May 4th and then in a bloodless battle, captured Saint Jean le Blanc on May 5th. Joan wanted another attack at Orleans but the English thought that if they locked the gates of the city that they could

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