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The poem "The jaguar" By Mark Haddon , is a poem about animals in a zoo. Hughes uses the poam to get his own personal view across that a persons personal life and current situation should not change who they are as a person.The theme of the poem is Hughes' admiration for a jaguar which does not lose faith even when in confinement.The poet gives the reader imagery by the use of comparisons , figures of speech and word choice. The setting of the poem is in a zoo. The poet uses the first two stanzas of the poem as a sort of introduction to describe several animals in the zoo which have gave in to their situation and lost the will to be who they are naturally.The parrots in the first stanza are said to "Shriek as if they were on fire" , the use of shriek shows the reader that the parrots are in discomfort and sort of in a hysteric way.They are also compared to "cheap tarts" which means that the parrots have sold themselves for something as low as a nut.They would do anything to attract attention to themselves , just like prostitutes.Hughes is telling us that people should not do the same and lower themselves to a level like that."The boa constrictors coil is a fossil" , a fossil is a long preserved item from the past that has been undiscovered for millions of years so with this we are thinking that because the boa constrictor has had it's natural ability to hunt for it's prey it has not only lost it's sense of excitement and natural ability but also it's spirit to go on."Tiger and lion lie as still as the sun", this image created is as if the animals were in their natural environment lying in the sun as they would in the wilderness.The whole point of these first two stanzas is so Haddon can get the point across that these animals are now tame, ridden of their spirits and sluggish. "But" is used in the third stanza of the poem and with this , it's showing us that the

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