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What are ethics? According to Cornell University, ethics define, “what is good for the individual and for society and establishes the nature of duties that people owe themselves and one another”. (http://www.ehow.com/facts_7590961_ethics-important-laws.html) They are rules of conduct, often written, that help professionals to maintain integrity as they practice their craft. This paper will explain what role ethics have played in the development of American law and why they are so important in the American Law as well as how they help shape the laws in this country, how ethics are used every day by lawyers and paralegals, and have important American Bar Association (“A.B.A”) Model Rules along with examples the that apply to law firms as well as to attorneys. Ethics play a significant role in the development of American laws. Ethics are important in the American Laws because these laws are built on the basis of moral issues of right and wrong. In addition to this, ethics also control the behavior of legal experts or rather professionals when practicing the law. So with this mind, ethics help shape the laws in the United States by defining what is morally right or wrong, and thus define how justice is administered as well as fair practices in the society. They are important to insure that laws are just, legal professions practice with integrity, and the citizens are treated fairly. Society would quickly fall apart if there were no ethical principles or moral rights or wrongs. Legislators, lawyers and court officers are expected to follow professional codes of ethics. Ethics are used every day by lawyers and paralegals. They have to choose from right or wrong. Let’s say that a person approached another person and said that he has murdered someone and then asks if he can help him. The person overhearing this conversation would assume that this person would call the

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