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In this essay I am going to talk about two interviews with J.K Rowling in the “60Minute” interview and with “Oprah In “60 Minutes” she is very nervous and held back she does this with lots of fillers. ”Just…err…enormous” shows she’s stuttering and finds it hard. In the interview with “Oprah” she is more open and is more comfortable talking about her life and uses no fillers. “I have my reasons” shows she is more confident talking about her life but she is still guarded she has just learnt how to avoid awkward questions. There is quite a big change this could be because she has been very successful and there are no more books to write so she isn’t stress. She could be using a lot of fillers when she talks about her childhood in “SIXTY Minute” Suggesting she had a traumatic experience. We see examples of this here “I-I emr wouldn’t go back even if you paid me” she uses a false start as she is hesitant to the question and unsure. She then uses filler for herself to think because this is a hard point in her life. By false starting she is not sure whether to reveal this information as this is one of her first interviews she doesn’t want to damage her image and look unnatural and false therefore she is hesitant. In the interview with “Oprah” she is very hesitant and has 2 pauses. “I am(.)yeah(.)yeah”. This could be because she is showing she is in her own thoughts and is being emotive. In “Sixty Minutes Jk is very grim with her language and she looks very old and doesn’t use much body language she doesn’t use paralinguistic features. She gets her point across verbally. This could because the topic is her life ad it isn’t something she wants to be energetic about. Jk used words to back up the points she makes “I wouldn’t go back even if you paid me ever” this is a sharp word that emphasis her point. Telling us she felt really badly about her childhood. If we compare

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