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This holiday was invented in the Soviet Union and was known as International Workers’ Solidarity Day.In the Soviet times it used to be a great celebrations with parades and public meetings. Many Russians relax on this public holiday. Some may go and escape to their country homes (called dachas) to work in the garden or spend time with their families. It is also very common for many people to have picnics or barbecues. Men may give spring flowers, especially tulips and lilacs, to women, and parents may buy balloons and ice-cream to their children to celebrate the end of the very cold season in Russia. Spring and Labor Day lost its socialist meaning after the Soviet Union’s collapse, effects on public life Most banks and public buildings and schools are closed on this day. If May 1 is on a weekend, the public holiday usually occurs to the following Monday. Public transport routes may vary in the case of demonstrations in a city History of the holiday May 1 was a symbol of class struggle in Russia for about one-hundred years (1890-1990). Workers held annual protests on this day from 1890 to 1917, demanding better work conditions and higher wages. In 1918, May 1 became an important public holiday, known as the Day of the International Solidarity of Workers, in the Soviet Union. Most Soviet cities had parades and marches on this day until 1990. The Russian Parliament renamed the holiday as Spring and Labor Day in

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