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Ways of traveling Nowadays travelling is one of the most common ways of spending holidays. Because of the globalization process travelling is becoming easier and easier, better and better. International contacts between all the countries give no bounds for those, who would like to see and learn something new. Nowadays it is not as dangerous and much more convenient. Do you want to go somewhere? Hundreds of companies are there to help you. It is not a secret that now there are a lot of international companies which provide all comfortable services for their clients: travellers, tourists. They will take care about your tickets and make all the reservations needed. You don't speak the language of the country you go to? There are interpreters that will help you. With modern services you can go around the world. Tourism has become a highly developed business. There are different kinds of transport like express trains, cars and jet-air liners which can bring you practically to any corner of the globe. They all provideyou enough comfort and security. Nowadays people mostly travel by air. It combines both comfort and speed and you will reach the place of destination very quickly. No doubt, travelling by air is the most convenient and comfortable means of travelling. But if you are airsick the flight may seem not so nice to you. Unfortunately sometimes the flights are delayed because of unfavourable weather conditions, and one more inconvenience is jet-lag. Of course, travelling by air is the fastest and the most convenient way, but it is the most expensive too. Travelling by sea is very popular. Large ships and small river boats can visit foreign countries and different places of interest within their own country. Travelling by train is slower than by plane, but it has its advantages. You can see much more interesting places of the country you are travelling

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