Jingdezhen Essay

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Summarize the case in five sentences Because there are many porcelain makers in Jingdezhen, the quality of products are low,the styles are limited, and the productivity are low. Most porcelain makers set minimal profit margin goals to pursue volume pricing strategies in the mass market, that cause their works could be mediocre quality and customers could shift to other suppliers. JCAC want to differentiated itself from its rivals by quality and artistic style of its products, and produce high-end product. What are the problems (and the origins of these problems) facing the porcelain/ceramics industry in Jingdezhen? Most of the porcelain makers in Jingdezhen unable to offer uniquely designed products and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Many makers continued to spend four to six weeks to produce a standard vase that could only be sold for a very low price. Price wars were common and reduced profit margins significantly. This indirectly affected the business’ ability to upgrade their equipment and techniques, and expand their production. What marketing strategies set JCAC apart from its rivals? Differentiated itself from its rivals by the quality and artistic style of its product. The company manufactured top-of-the-line luxury ceramics in Jingdezhen and limited its distribution to the government and high-end retailers. The company only made unique products. Use high-tech equipment ensured product’s high quality. Which market segments do you believe would be best for Jingdezhen porcelain makers (other than JCAC) to pursue? Culture segment: classify markets according to cultural origin. Multi-Variable Account segment: segmenting sales accounts by government, business, customer, etc. And account size/duration, in effort to increase time efficiency and sales volume. What strategies are available to porcelain makers who want to reposition
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