Jimmy Valentine Essay

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The Most Enjoyable Assignment I Can Possibly Imagine! From: A Retrieved Reformation (by O. Henry) Character: Jimmy Valentine Traits: ingenuity, upright, selfless. Objects: Needle, Ruler, Candle. Jimmy Valentine is a skillful person. He can open bank safes which any other thief can’t possibly do. On page 16: As Ben said: Look at that combination knob-jerked out as easy as pulling up a radish in wet weather. He’s got the only clamps that can do it. And look how clean those tumblers were punched out! Jimmy never has drill but one hole. Yes, I guess I want Mr. Valentine. So…i use needle to represent his ingenuity. When Jimmy is opening a safe, he must be as carefully as a woman does some sewing. The only big difference is Jimmy is holding a lock pick tool, but women are holding needles. Jimmy Valentine is a man of integrity. Although Jimmy used to be a safecracker, after he meets Annabel, his life is back on truck. He has quit the old business instead he got a nice store. He is making an honest living, and he also promises to himself he wouldn’t do another crooked thing for the whole world. Finally, he becomes an upright guy. I use a ruler to represent his honest life, rulers are used for aiding in drawing straight lines. Annabel’s love is just like the ruler in Jimmy’s life, with the help of love. Jimmy becomes a better person. Jimmy Valentine is a selfless person. When the little girl gets locked into the new vault safe, Jimmy chooses to save her. He risks himself, because he could not stand by and watches the tragedy happens, although everyone can know who he really is, the criminal. I use candle to represent his selfless. Candles give off heat and light, although they will keep melting until they finally disappear. On page 21, after he saw Ben, he said: Well, let’s go. I don’t know that it makes much difference, now. At that moment, the most important
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