Jimmy Ray Brambard Harvard Case Summary

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Ignored Obligations - Defense Attorneys Some Obligations that go ignored or unattended to by defense attorneys vary, thinking of how an innocent man or woman can go to prison for a crime he or she did not commit. Because of an attorney failing to do his or her job, results in a drastic injustice, not only from the wrongfully convicted but also within the Justice System. Denial of Due Process As a citizen Due Process is to have fair treatment within the justice system, and to have a denial of one’s Due Process can result in an injustice to the defendant, and the victim as well as the Justice System itself. Denying ones Due process includes: * Ignoring regulatory and statutory guarantees * Not following the rules and procedures * Ignoring the civil rights and…show more content…
After serving almost 15 years in prison, his exoneration was not until 2002. Some contributing factors to the wrongful conviction of Bromgard are as follows. Eye Witness Misidentification In the Bromgard case, one of the police officers thought it could be Bromgard because the victim’s wallet was close to the Bromgard home. Though the victim picked Bromgard out of a line up, she was unsure and stated so in court she was only 65% sure he was the man who assaulted her. Even, though the victim stated several times she was unsure of Bromgard her attacker, he was on trial for sexual intercourse without consent. Bad Lawyering The lawyer for Bromgard proved to be incompetent, by having no open or closing arguments for the case, no investigation ensued, there was no experts hired on Bromgard’s behalf to discredit the state’s expert. Bromgard’s lawyer never filed a motion to suppress the unsure identification of the girl’s testimony. Misleading Expert

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