Jimmie Blacksmith Essay

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“ What did Tullam and Mungara stand for now? Tribal men were beggars puking rotgut sherry in the lee of hotel shit-houses”, (Mungara and Tullam being two aboriginal tribes) Jimmie now looked at the aboriginal society with a different approach. Jimmie gets white influenced by his white adoptive parents who´s trying to motivate him into marrying a white woman, intending to make Jimmie´s children only half black, grandchildren one-eighth black and with time his relatives will be completely white. Years go by while Jimmie works for the whites. Different employers and different jobs. One of the job was as a colleague to a local police Some friends as well as some of the employers become enemies. Eventually, when Jimmie’s somewhere around his 20s, the big verification takes place, the conclusion of his will and his adoptive parents intentions. A marriage to a white girl, along with childbirth and parenthood. As seen by the community, it´s a big accomplishment for Jimmie at the same time as it’s a degradation for his newly wed wife. With a whole community looking at them with disapproval they try to live their lives as they´ve intended. During both some socially and economically troubles for the couple, conflicts starts to take place. People sneaking alms to Jimmie´s wife when he doesn’t notice and Jimmie being out on hunts to claim unpaid salaries. At one point the alms become propositions. Jimmie´s wife gets an offer to start working and move in at local household. This comes as an enlightenment to Jimmie that he´s not wanted among the whites. And here is where the point of no return shows up for Jimmie. Furious at the family household that wants to take his family from him he goes to the household, intending to confront them. The confrontation ends up in a brutal bloodbath where every member of the household passed away. Now Jimmie isn’t just disliked by

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