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Essay 3 – Applying the lessons from “Switch” - 120 points In this essay, we will write about the lessons we have learned from the book Switch and how these change techniques can be applied to a situation of our choosing. Once you identify a situation that could benefit from change, your task is to write a minimum three page essay in which you create a plan to bring about that change using the guidelines and techniques from the book. As you think about your topic and begin to write, look back to either the book itself or to the resources available online associated with the book Switch. It is easy to sign up for these free resources at www.heathbrothers.com/resources. The essay should be about three pages, double-spaced, approx. 825 words, five pages maximum. Follow MLA guidelines and remember to use 12-point font, either Times New Roman or Arial. Remember, commas and periods go inside quotation marks. Why this essay matters: The need for change is evident in many aspects of our lives: our places of employment ; agencies where we volunteer; aspects of our city or city-sponsored programs; our places of worship; areas of government; the media’s portrayal of violence or sex; the larger world where social injustice takes place; the manner in which we treat our environment. To make a difference in our world, we can all help to bring about change. This essay and Switch provide us the opportunity to think through and articulate how change can actually occur to make our world better. Steps to writing this essay: Brainstorm a list of possible places where change is needed. Once you have identified a need for change, begin to list techniques from the book that might apply in creating the change. Free write how these techniques might be implemented. Be sure to come up with specific action steps to create change. It’s not enough to say we need to “Motivate the

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