Jim Poss Case Study

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MGT 121A Homework 2 Jim Poss Case Questions 2. One of Jim Poss’s fund-raising strategies, was to be able to moderate investor risk by leveraging on campus and contractor facilities as much as possible. The company wanted to be able to make around $250,000 for the Summer, so that they can pay for cost reduction engineering, sales and marketing, and a working capital. In a sense this helped the company financially, because it made their products perform well, and their market penetration estimates would be achievable. In the future, they knew that the company would eventually attract mergers or any other acquisition candidate. I guess some other strategies that would’ve better help this company would probably be to consider, reaching out to more companies that specializes in their products, that could make better improvements to their products. In other words, companies that would have resources to use material or products that cost less, but still get the job done. 3. When we think of a growth strategy, is basically a strategy in which it focuses on investing in companies or sectors, which are growing at a fast pace. The benefits from a growth strategy would be in capital gains rather than dividends. I would imagine for this company, they should go after any company that specializes in environmental friendly products. I would think that companies that focus on solar energy, like solar panels, or nuclear energy, would be great companies to do business with. Business Ideas * A business focusing on mobiles applications that would be able to support both android, and iOS. * A food truck business that will focus on specializing foods of different cultures. CONNECT Resource Some resources that would be useful from this website would be that they have a CEO strategy forum, which could be used, to help us get, a feel of what it’s like to be a CEO
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