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Jim Morrison Jim Morrison, the singer of the legendary band The Doors, is perhaps the most unappreciated and misunderstood artist of his time. In 1969, after his last concert in Miami, Florida the media turned their back on him labeling him as primitive and Florida’s state law system accused him of public exposure and misbehavior, but the real perspective about Jim Morrison is that he had one of those gifts that few people have of making you feel the most important person in the world. Jim Morrison had an enigmatic childhood, a romantic personality and a tremendous sense of the absurd. Jim’s childhood represent the guide to the Labyrinth. His father, George Morrison, was an admiral of the navy which position required him to move around the United States. This fact leads to the conclusion that the Morrison family was strongly influenced by what we call “Male Institutions.” Male institutions are represented by the paternal figure where he rules the family with domination and character.…show more content…
He only had one big love in his life, her name was Pamela Courson. They met each other while Jim was living in Venice, California. One day, Pamela was walking her dog on Sunset Strip Boulevard and came across Jim. He was in shock by her beautiful figure and later on by her amazing personality. He was so enchanted that he did not hesitate to follow her from the boulevard to the famous Love Street and waited until dusk hidden behind a bush. Right after dusk, he decided to do the impossible and climbed an apple tree and jumped on to Pamela’s deck. Jim found Pamela standing next to the door watching him risk his life just to introduce himself. Once Jim was facing Pamela, she calmly asked him “Do you have a problem with doors?” Jim answer was a short, but passionate “sometimes…” followed by a soft warm kiss. After that Jim vanished into the night saying “You are the one.” The Doors. Dir. Oliver Stone. Dist. Artisan Entertainment. RKO.

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