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Yasmin Baqdounes Informative Presentation Topic: Jim Jones Organization: Chronological Specific Purpose: To learn more information about Jim Jones, the people’s Temple, and the horrific occasion at Jonestown Introduction I. Attention Getter: how many of y’all would’ve drunk that punch if it had deadly poison, simply because I said so. That is exactly what a hundreds of people did. II. Audience Relevance: most(if not all) of us heard of cults rather it be the mason family, kkk, or scientology III. Speaker Credibility: After hours and hours of research about Jim Jones and the peoples temple I feel I’m fully informed on Jim Jones and the People’s Temple IV. Central Idea & Preview of Main Points: Today I will take about Jim Jones as a kid, The People’s Temple, and horrific event at Jones town Transition: Now that I’ve stated what I am going to be sharing with you all this morning, let’s move on to where it had all began. Body I. Jim Jones was born in troubled times and wasn’t always a good kid. a. According to Salvation And Suicide: An Interpretation Of Jim Jones, Jim Jones full name was James Warren Jones. He was born on May 13 1931 in Lynn, Indiana by Lynetta and James (senior) Jones. Lynn was a small Midwestern town whom at the time was separated by horrible racial segregation and full of Christian fundamentalists. His mother, Lynetta, though a nice lady who was a little out of touch with reality, she would dream that her dead mother as a ghost would tell her that she would soon be the mother of the messiah. b. Jones as a kid was a bit of a trouble-maker. Many acquaintances refereed to him as “Dennis the menace of Lynn, Indian” because instead of greeting people by saying hi or hello, he would yell “Good Morning you son of a blank” He would also pull pranks on the churches, like trading the holy water with

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