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Yasmin Baqdounes Informative Presentation Topic: Jim Jones Organization: Chronological Specific Purpose: To learn more information about Jim Jones, the people’s Temple, and the horrific occasion at Jonestown Introduction I. Attention Getter: how many of y’all would’ve drunk that punch if it had deadly poison, simply because I said so. That is exactly what a hundreds of people did. II. Audience Relevance: most(if not all) of us heard of cults rather it be the mason family, kkk, or scientology III. Speaker Credibility: After hours and hours of research about Jim Jones and the peoples temple I feel I’m fully informed on Jim Jones and the People’s Temple IV. Central Idea & Preview of Main Points: Today I will take about Jim Jones as a kid, The People’s Temple, and horrific…show more content…
III. Jonestown was a prison for people, and eventually became deadly a. It was promised that Jonestown would be a utopia. Unfortunately, it was more like a slave camp. People were forced to sleep in overcrowded cabins, separated from their wives and husband, and work 11 hours a day in the immense heat causing members to get sick. Although a few members were living in Jonestown willingly, some others wanted to leave Jonestown. But the town was encircled by miles of jungle land and armed men, who under Jones’s orders, weren’t allowed to let anyone escape. b. Leo Ryan, a United States Representative, had gotten multiple complains that some people in Jonestown were being held there against their will, so he along with a few other went down there to check it out. Once they arrived to Jonestown, there didn’t seem to be anything bad going on. However, later that day during a large feast and dance, a member of the People’s Temple who wanted out secretly gave Ryan a note of people who wanted to leave Jonestown. Jim Jones’s ruse shattered at that

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