Jim Evans Role Play

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Have you ever watched a baseball game where there was a dispute between a homerun or a strikeout amongst the players/coaches and the umpires? If you have, you will realize that being an umpire in the major leagues is no easy ordeal, and the arduous task of calling balls and strikes is often a dispute that these officials cannot sway away from in their careers. Try to remember the last time you watched Sportscenter and you saw a homerun ball being discussed as whether or not it was fair. You probably do not have much difficulty in recalling this (unless you are of the female gender) and it certainly gives you an idea of the job of a major league umpire in which the calls they make determine a player’s paycheck, wins, number of strikeouts, and hits they accumulate through their career.…show more content…
There are only two umpiring schools which are The Jim Evans' Academy of Professional Umpiring and the Harry Wendelstedt School for Umpires that are approved by the Professional Baseball Umpire Corporation and they are both located in Florida (Cowles). These schools only enroll up to three-hundred aspiring umpires combined a year, and students are enrolled in a five week course. Instructors look for many characteristics other than knowledge of baseball rules when evaluating potential umpires (Cowles). A mix of attributes are scouted including confidence, strong presence on the field, forceful calls, hustle and some athletic ability. After the course is completed, only the top of the graduating class is selected to attend an evaluation course, which then assigns aspiring umpires to minor league openings. Many of these officials will not have the luxury of attaining a career in the big leagues seeing that job openings are few and far between at the top level. In fact, it can take as long as seven to ten years to even obtain this goal
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