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Traffic lab report 1 Introduction Malaysia is moving towards becoming a developed country. With this fast pace of change so is the change in traffic conditions in this country. More and more citizens are using various types of vehicles in their everyday life, thus creating our very own typical travel behavior which is unique for this country. This change, although seemingly a small problem to many, is a very critical change in the eyes of traffic experts. In practice, Malaysia has been referring to other countries’ capacity manual when designing our road facilities which include signalized intersections, unsignalized intersections and urban arterials. And this laboratory was carried out to collect any data might be useful at a signalized intersection in order to determine the intersection performance. Hence an intersection is a road junction where two or more roads either meet or cross even they are at the same level. An intersection may be 3-way – a T junction, 4-way – a crossroads, or 5-way or more. It may often be controlled by traffic lights, and may have a roundabout. Methods applied for this experiment is a Manual counts which are typically used to gather data for determination of vehicle classification, turning movements, direction of travel, pedestrian movements, or vehicle occupancy. An Automatic counts method is also useful where it is used to gather data for determination of vehicle hourly patterns, daily or seasonal variations and growth trends, or annual traffic estimates. Traffic volume studies are conducted to determine the number, movements, and classifications of roadway vehicles at a given location. These data can help identify critical flow time periods, determine the influence of large vehicles or pedestrians on vehicular traffic flow, or document traffic volume trends. The length of the sampling period depends on the type of count being taken

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