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Justin Simpson Mr. Pikus Summary of scholarly article 3/6/12 Summary of scholarly article Authors often use literary elements to leave the reader questioning the outcome of the story. This applies to Ernest Hemingway’s haunting story “Hills like White Elephants.” Most agree that the relationship between the American and the Jig will eventually deteriorate. Nilofer Hashmi argues in his scholarly article “The Jilting of Jig” that there is another outcome. Hashmi states that “the girl will indeed have the abortion, expecting in this way to stay on the man, but after the operation has been performed, he will abandon her” (Hashmi) Hashmi observes that “various verbal and non-verbal indications found in the story support this interpretation of the narrative, as does the very symbolism of the title itself” (Hashmi) According to Hashmi, it is plausible to believe that there is still some love between the American and Jig. Hashmi notes, “Thus the girl, who now wants more than a relationship based on sex and alcohol, would have no reason to stay on with the man” (Hashmi) But, there are a few details that do not seem to fit into this. Why does she continue to smile at the man though she cannot tolerate him? Hashmi says “A mere smile would not be sufficient reason to cast doubt on an interpretation in the case of most writers. But this writer is Hemingway”. (Hashmi) According to Hashmi, Stanley Renners “innovative” and “challenging” statement is when the attendant says that the train is arriving; the American then brings the bags to the “other side.” He believes that the “other side” symbolizes not the other side of the station but the other side of the argument. It is obvious that the American and Jig have had a lengthy discussion before reaching the conclusion to go to the abortion clinic in Madrid. It’s impossible to believe that the man was unable to tell the

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