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After reading Jib Fowles’ “Advertisings Fifteen Basic Appeals,” I am able to analyze almost any article advertisement, and distinguish the appeals in the image that are portrayed by companies to sell to consumers. In Jim Fowles’ article, he lists and explains the clever and influencing appeals companies effectively use in their advertisements. It is the attractive appeal that causes a consumer to go out and purchase products or services. These appeals are strategically placed in the advertisement for any given type of reader. For example, in a parental magazine, one would find advertisements containing children’s needs. Appeals such as nurturing would be discovered in this example. Within the advertisements images is where companies zero in and focus on strictly meeting the reader’s desires. I have chosen to analyze an advertisement out of a “Hot Rod” car magazine to address the prompt. The advertisements slogan is “When Quality Counts,” and stands with filled in white letters under the red “Goodmark” company advertiser name. There are five Chevrolet cars and pickups parked in an unorganized fashion, all sporting hot red paint. Choosing some of the American vehicles with the most beautiful bodylines, it uses four from the late sixties and one truck of the early nineties to portray the companies quality sheet metal and trim. The blacked out background allows viewers to focus on the chrome and paint these classic cars shine with. Looking under the photo at the bottom of the page are the companies website as well as contact sources, following its manufacturer of the year award emblem. To begin with, the advertisement is intended toward males, since it was after all in a car magazine. However, it just as well targets those females with a passion for vehicles. Anyone is welcome to read the advertisement, for companies want as much business as possible. In the attached

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