Ji-Li Jiang Autobiography Book Report.

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Red Scarf Girl Memoir of the Cultural Revolution Autobiography of and by Ji-li-Jiang What if your grandfather was a landlord, people start betraying you, and make a dreadful decision either to denounce your father, break with your family and follow The Communist Party and Chairman Mao, or follow your parents and have a bad future? Ji-li-Jiang had to do this. The setting of the book was from 1966 ( when the cultural revolution started ) to 1968 in Shanghai, China. Ji-li-Jiang was born on 1954, birthday on Chinese New Year. Ji-li means lucky and beautiful. Guess what? She was. She had everything. Brains, ability, and a shining future. She helps many people in her class and is Chairperson of her school. The joy later became fateful on the year 1966, China's Cultural Revolution. China gets rid of old things because Chairman Mao, leader of the Communist Party says that China can't succeed with the four olds (old ideas, old culture, Old customs, and old habits).They want establish the four news. When Ji-Li Jiang was 12, kids attacked her with retorts, her family were humiliated, and finds out she was born in a landlord family. Because of the detention of her father, Ji-Li Jiang had to make the most dreadful decision in her life; break with her family, follow Chairman Mao or follow her landlord parents and have a bad future. Read the book to find more. Afterwards, Ji-li-Jiang graduated from Shanghai University and from Shanghai Teacher's College (this happened when the Cultural Revolution was finished and Chairman Mao was already dead) and became a science teacher. She came to the United States in 1984 and graduated again from the University of Hawaii. In 1992, she started the East West Exchange, to develop cultural exchange between western countries and China. She is still alive and lives in California. I admire Ji-li-Jiang because she was brave

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