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Clarissa Flores Mrs.Beaner English 3p April 21, 2011 “Steinbeck: Critically Examined” “A ceaseless experimenter throughout his career, Steinbeck changed courses regularly” (Penguin Books Inc.) John Steinbeck, arguably the most renowned and influential satirical author of the 20th century, was known for his inept ability to warp his writing style in order to fit the perspective of a person completely different from him, and make the reader sympathize with the character in a way no author before had accomplished. Although Steinbeck was best known for his novels which include “The Grapes of Wrath” and his self proclaimed magnum opus “East of Eden”, he will forever be immortalized by his title as one of the greatest American short-story authors ever. Steinbeck’s 26 works are vastly different from each other, ranging from novels to short stories, and they were viewed in many different fashions thus creating several views and opinions concerning his work. His short stories run different from his novels as well as the rest of his writings, and vice versa. These ideas and opinions have both degraded and illuminated John Steinbeck and his work. “Early critical reaction to Steinbeck's short fiction was generally favorable, but following World War II his literary reputation began to decline.” (John Steinbeck Criticism) John Steinbeck, albeit completion of his first novel’s publication “Cup of Gold”, decided to create a more steady income and began writing short stories upon which he sold to magazines. Steinbeck then published collections of his short stories including “The Pastures of Heaven” and “The Red Flores 2 Pony”. “The Pastures of Heaven”, published in 1932, was widely praised by critics due to its simplistic yet complex depiction of human complications transpiring among 12 families residing in a valley nearby Monterey. The reader is presented with 12 stories (Each

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