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JONATHAN DAVID HELSER 1. God of the Angel Armies 2. You’re Never Giving Up 3. I Will Not Be Silent 4. God is Love 5. Endless Ocean 6. Love Has Won 7. The Reward 8. I Have Risen 9. Redemption Rain 10. Explode My Soul 11. I’ve Seen I AM 12. In the Middle 13. Fly 14. Abba 15. Faith is Rising 16. Intimacy 17. Just One Drop 18. Likeness of Jesus 19. You See 20. Look at the Nations 21. A Song of Love 22. New Creation 23. Will We Be the People 1. GOD OF THE ANGEL ARMIES (6/8) Intro, V1, Intro, V1.5, Channel, Chorus 1 Intro, V2, Channel 2, Chorus 2, Vamp…Chorus 1, Channel 2, Chorus 1… (intro) || C////// | Dm////// | Am////// | G////// | | C////// | Dm////// | Am////// | G///F/// || (verse 1) C Dm Am G It seems like all I can see are enemies surrounding me It seems like all I can feel are lies that you’re not real I lift my eyes to the hills, where does help come from? My help comes from the one who the made the earth and heavens (channel 1) F C F C I believe you’re more real, than what my eyes can see, F C F | G////// | ////// | I believe the hills are full, of a mighty angel army (chorus 1) C Dm C G F C God of the angel armies, you’re mighty to save God of the angel armies, you’re worthy of our praise God of the angel armies, you fight for us C Dm C F G C God of the angel armies, you come down when praises go up (chorus 2) (vamp) F Dm G ||: C////// | F////// | Am////// | G////// :||

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