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A. Recommend how to improve the current workflow in the plant as explained in section 2 of the Shuzworld case study There is a current concern with the operation efficiency of the workflow for the assembly line which manufactures the steel toe work boot. The current workflow in the plant can be improved by reducing the number of work stations within the assembly line. A1. Justify your recommendation The current work boot assembly schedule has eight tasks, A – H, with a total of 46 minutes work time. In order to determine the efficiency of the work boot assembly schedule the following formula is used: Efficiency = __________ Σ Task Times________________ (Actual number of work stations) X (largest cycle time) The largest cycle time is 10 minutes. That concludes that the assembly line is currently operating at 57.5% efficiency. In order to improve the efficiency of the assembly line, the minimum number of work stations needed must be determined. This is done by using the following formula: Minimum number of work stations = Σ for Time for Task i Cycle Time Cycle time is calculated by dividing the “Units Required Per Day” by the “Production Time Available Per Day” Based on the information given from the work boot assembly schedule of a 40 hour work weeks and six boots per hour, it is concluded that the cycle time is ten minutes per unit. That is calculated by 480 minutes per day/48 work boots per day. From the data compiled, this concludes that the minimum number of work stations required for the assembly line is 4.6 or 5. By reducing the current workload station number of 8 down to 5 would increase proficiency by 34.5%. POM was used in order to verify the above results and is attached. I recommend that station 1 contains Task A. Station 2 will contain both tasks B and C. Station 3 will contain Task D. Station 4 will contain

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