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Western Governors University Score Report Cover Sheet Date: 10/9/14 Student Name: Student ID Number: Student WGU Email: Mentor: Course JGT Task 1 JGT Task 1 Western Governors University WGU JGT Task 1 SUBDOMAIN 326.3 - EVALUATING ECONOMICS OF MANAGEMENT DECISIONS SUBDOMAIN 327.3 - DEVELOPING & MAINTAINING QUALITY SUBDOMAIN 329.4 - MANAGING OPERATIONS Competencies: 326.3.1: Decision Analysis - The graduate analyzes risks and values and uses a variety of decision analysis tools and decision theory to evaluate alternatives during decision-making processes. 327.3.2: Metrics and Tools - The graduate analyzes how work is accomplished and applies quality metrics and tools to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. 329.4.1: Operational Design - The graduate combines capacity, process, layout, and location strategies. 329.4.2: Process Analysis and Planning - The graduate utilizes process and methods analysis, measurement techniques, and scheduling concepts to design a work environment and plan labor requirements. 329.4.3: Operating Efficiency - The graduate employs just-in-time, lean systems, and constraint management concepts and scheduling methods to improve operating efficiency. Introduction: As a newly hired operations consultant for Shuzworld, I have been given the task of providing recommendations to analyze and improve current workflow issues in the plant. In addition, I have been asked to use the appropriate decision analysis tool that best fits the current issue for the workflow problem. As the operations consultant I will also be analyzing the initial and ongoing costs needed for a new sandal line being introduced. “The Maui Sandal Project” will also need to be analyzed using the most appropriate decision analysis tool for best results possible. I will also be recommending a new staffing plan for the machine

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