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2.2.1 Minister Pandor’s national reading strategy National Reading Strategy: Why improve reading? - Reading is part of nation building. - Reading promotes confidence - Reading enables us to act creatively and critically - Reading provides rapid, ready access to new information and knowledge Why is the National Reading Strategy needed? - The National Reading Strategy is to promote reading in schools in South Africa. - It is a management tool that states the vision for improving the competence and levels of reading of learners. - This Strategy indicates how the Department of Education intends to achieve that vision. - South Africa’s education system needs a common approach to promote reading. - In this way, we can create synergy between teachers and all role players who support teachers. - We can build confidence in what needs to be done. - The National Reading Strategy is inclusive because it aims to reach all learners, including those who experience barriers to learning, whether they are in mainstream or special schools. - A common approach does not mean that all children must be taught in the same way at the same time. - Good education allows different contexts - Differentiates between children, and does not treat all children in class as a single unit. - Learning to read occurs not only in the Foundation Phase at school. -Learning begins from birth, so children should be stimulated from an early age. - The exposure that children experience early in their lives, influences how they cope later in life. - Early Childhood Education (ECD) targets children between 0 – 4 years of age. - Learning problems should be identified early and acted upon. - Recognize the importance of early learning. Programmes at this level focus on the development of: - Critical thinking and problem solving - Abilities to communicate and use language -

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