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Design Proposal (B) One of the visual aspects explored in this design sample is the focal point of the mirror facing towards the viewer’s eyes as it is appeared in their eyes on their first glance. Blanche, feeling very insecure about her appearances, due to her age and beauty. She displays her self as fragile and moth like, dealing out her share of insensitivities that happened during her younger days. Her figure and appearances also reveals her vulnerability and delicacy. As shown in the design sample, the sophisticated design symbolises her life struggles she faces, which is displayed in the play when she suffers distressing shock from the death of her husband, giving her a stressing lifestyle as well as her family. The beauty of the mirror that she believes is worth more than herself because it shows reflection of her beauty and aging everyday every time she looks at the mirror, she is getting old which leads to insecurities. Around the mirror frames, rhinestones is designed across the mirror frame which has a significant meaning as it is shown in scene ten, when Blanche is dressed in a white gown, wearing a tiara. This is showing that she has gone insane due to many mental breakdowns, such as the realism Stanley has revealed to Mitch and Stella and the beauty and aging of Blanche is fading and many burdens she’s been carrying for a very long time leads to various stress happening in her mind. The framework of the mirror is considered very ancient representing how old Blanche is, as each day, everything has to go through a procedure of aging, considering how much she look at the mirror everyday before seeing young men or seeing Mitch. Even though, Blanche has a habit of bringing her insecurities to the surface, she still believes she is a strong successful woman. “I’m not young and vulnerable any more” she shows this in how Her weakness is about

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