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JFK's Roles Essay

  • Submitted by: jballs4
  • on January 25, 2010
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All the roles of the president are very important, but there are three that are more important than the rest. Commander in chief, Chief Diplomat, and Chief Legislator are the top three jobs of the President. Commander in Chief is the one with the highest responsibility. The President is in charge of the entire military force. Before the wars powers resolution the President even had more power because he didn’t have to discuss anything with congress. When you have this type of power it could go to your head and you might make some bad decisions. And one bad decision could cost our country. As Chief Diplomat, the President has the hard job of dealing with foreign nations. He needs to always be aware of what is going on in the other worlds without forgetting about his own country. If the President needs to make a treaty or some kind of agreement he needs to go in a talk it out with the other leaders. If the President isn’t a good speaker or says the wrong thing he could lose out on some big help from the other countries. Lastly, as Chief Legislator he needs to carry out laws and make new legislative programs for the country. It isn’t as hard as the others, but the President still needs to make sure he says yes to the right laws and makes ones that will benefit the country. Having the sole power to veto the new laws is too much for one man. The President might not know what is best for a certain group of people that the law pertains to, so he needs to do his research and make sure that he says yes to the laws that are most securely needed.  

    Kennedy was a successful and unsuccessful leader as Commander in Chief. He sent men into Cuba at the Bay of Pigs to overthrow Fidel Castro. He did this with much confidence and felt that this is what was best for the U.S. The consequence of this may be the reason he was killed. Even though this was a not so successful decision, Kennedy’s reaction to the Cuban Missile Crisis was stupendous. With the threat of nuclear weapons...

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