Jfk's Inaugural Speech

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JFK’s Inaugural Address John F. Kennedy was America’s 35th president and was admitted into office in 1961. His inaugural speech was given in January 20th, 1961. Like any other inaugural address, his speech was meant to give America faith in him and what he hopes to accomplish while in office. JFK’s main points were his goals and how he planned to achieve them; the end to radical equality, loyalty to friendly countries, the support of freedom, working towards peace rather than war, space exploration, and much more. The way JFK structures his speech was in an order that made out the problems first and then saying the solution afterward to give that insurance that it could be done. As evidence, Kennedy uses very common fears among the people, something everyone can relate to, and they can have confidence in removing. Within his speech, John uses many forms of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. One example of the usage of Ethos that he uses was when he naming how God is important to him and the United States’ future. “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich,” stated Kennedy. This can be seen as an example to Pathos as he is appealing to the people showing them that if they can’t help the poor then they can’t stop the rich from losing their wealth and thus, giving the people a sense of pity for the poor and giving them that feeling of wanting to help. And lastly, Logos, JFK is explaining in his speech why it is mandatory to seek out the instruments of peace instead of the instruments of war because, of course, nobody wants wars where there is bloodshed and losses of loved one. Who loves
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