Jfk Rhetorical Analysis

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“Using the preceding thesis or creating your own, write an essay analyzing the rhetorical strategies John F. Kennedy uses in his inaugural address to achieve his purpose.” Former president John F. Kennedy is arguably one of the most well-known political figures in US history. Despite some controversial decisions made during his presidency, Kennedy has continued to remain one of the most highly regarded presidents in the public’s opinion. One reason for his immense popularity among the American people both during his term and in current times is his effectiveness as a public speaker. While each of his speeches is obviously centered on various topics, every one contains the same effective rhetorical strategies. Through his simple, optimistic, and charismatic rhetorical style, former president John F. Kennedy was able to connect with the American people on a personal level that no other president has ever been able to replicate. While Kennedy had proven himself as an influential speechmaker during his campaign, no one would have guessed how powerful his first speech as president would be. “John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address” has gone down as one of the most memorable inaugural addresses of all time. The phrase, “Ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country” has remained popular even in today’s society and truly shows the powerful effects of Kennedy’s public speeches. This phrase is just one of many that support one of Kennedy’s most employed rhetorical strategies: putting himself in the shoes of his audience. Kennedy made sure that absolutely every phrase that he uttered had a purpose and would connect with his listeners on a personal level. One way that he did this was through the length of his speeches. By choosing not to pepper his speeches with long, lavish passages or seemingly endless metaphors, Kennedy was able to
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