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Tyler Fulmer JFK’s Inaugural Speech Essay Presidents that offer speeches like Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy, who both served the United States of America are hard to find. Their voices in the inaugural addresses that they both delivered are very influential. There are four factors to consider in comparing and contrasting the inaugural address of both presidents. These factors include historical standpoint, presentation, content, and as well as influence to the people and existing conditions. Basically, the inaugural speeches of Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy are given after reciting the oath of office as newly-elected leaders of the country. Another similarity is the presence of almost all governmental leaders across the country to witness the event and to listen to the inaugural addresses. The said events that happened in different time are watched by various individuals around the globe through television, the Internet and other channels of information. The first point is the comparison and contrast of both speeches in historical standpoint. The inaugural address of each government leader is influenced by historical factors at the time it was delivered before the public. In case of John F. Kennedy, the speech was given when the country just won the Second World War. On the other hand, Barack Obama delivered his speech among an economic crisis that the country is facing with hopes of getting over it. In the first, America is enjoying winning the war while in the second; the country is set with economic problems that caused tremendous difficulties. That is the reason why Kennedy’s speech is focused on world unity against tyranny while the speech of Obama is geared more on economic progress within the country. The second point focuses more on the presentation of both inaugural addresses. This argument is more related in the first except that this is more

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