Jfk Assassination Conspiracy Theories

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The JFK Assassination is a very complex subject with many conspiracy theories and lies from some of the great American Idols. Many people who were considered to have killed John F. Kennedy were Oswald, CIA, FBI, Mafia, and Johnson. Lyndon Baines Johnson, also known as LBJ was vice president for Kennedy at the time. Johnson planned the whole assassination and continued to lie to America. Lyndon Johnson was a very full of himself and a snobby politician. Johnson wanted JFK out of office but he needed a plan. ! ! Johnson Had a long time friend, Malcolm Wallace, who was hired by Johnson in charge of the Federal Department of Agriculture. LBJ would have Wallace do “jobs” for him, such as in 1951 he was arrested for murdering pro golfer John Douglas…show more content…
When police checked the fingerprints on the cardboard box where the gun was laying, Police found the same fingerprint as Malcolm Wallace. For a positive fingerprint match you need 12 identical elements, but they found 14. Expert Nathan Darby, who had done this type of work for 35 years says in his examination he found a correlation of 34 points. There's no doubt it's Wallace.! ! When LBJ’s wife was interviewed she said the night before the parade, after a meeting, he walked out very angry. He grabbed her by the arm and said “After tomorrow the Kenned’y will never embarrass me again, that’s no threat, that’s a promise”. She said it startled her and he had been angry at Kennedy for a long time now. There had been violent feelings between him and JFK says his wife. E. Howard Hunt, admits he was a part of the “Big Event” in Dallas that day and heard Johnson say “ I want to become president and JFK is just an obstacle to becoming that. ! ! From the evidence, LBJ is a definite suspect in the JFK Conspiracy. The only people who know what really happened to John F Kennedy is the White House. With the help of Malcolm Wallace and possibly George H. W. Bush they successfully killed one of America’s most liked Presidents, and were never

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