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In President Kennedy’s speech ,“We Choose to go to the moon”, entices people of the prospect of space travel and exploration, or at least pique their interest. Kennedy begins his speech by making a comparison human history and how it would be, if it was condensed into a half Century. His main objective in doing this was to show the pace in which human advancement is increasing, and that with new break through comes a set of new issues and dilemmas. Then JFK goes on to how we as nation should jump on the hype train for space, mentioning the great quest of humanity for knowledge and progress. He also states that the exploration for space will go ahead, whether we as nation decide to participate or not. Kennedy’s other reason for why the United states should go to the moon and venture into space is to prevent the spread of war and violence into the stars. He believes that space should not be filled with weapons of mass destruction, but with instruments of knowledge and understanding. The President vows that we as nation should not let the unknown be governed by a flag of conquest(soviet Union), instead a banner of freedom and peace(United states). In this part of the speech when Kennedy mentions the “flag of conquest” and “the banner of freedom” he is referring to the Soviet Union and the United States and the two different political systems(Capitalism and Communism). Using this analogy Kennedy knew that the people of the United States would immediately jump on the idea of space and the moon, to prevent that the evil communist from conquering it. This is the best way to start off part two and three of JFK’s speech. What he does is convince the public to going into space, and then explains the details such as the

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