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Criminal Justice | Danielle Marchione | | 1/7/2012 1/7/2012 You are a probation officer who was conducting a home visit for probationer Bobby Jean. You walk up to the door, she answers, and you notice a bag of marijuana sitting on the kitchen table. She promises that it is not hers. You provide her with a urine screen and it is clean. Based on the above scenario, please respond to the following questions: What would you do? Would this scenario lead you into an interrogation or an interview? Why? What are the seven essential interview skills that a criminal justice professional must possess? After providing the urine screen and it came out clean, I would then conduct an interrogation. The reason I would conduct an interrogation is because I would want to know where the marijuana came from. Seeing Booby Jean is on probation she is not a victim. She committed a crime to be on probation. If Bobby Jean passed the urine screen, then why does she have marijuana in her home? Is she selling it? Is it someone’s who she lives with? Is it a friend? Both ways it is illegal and she, especially, should not have any drugs around her or in her home. I would also have to go on her past performance as being on probation. Has she been compliant or has she been a problem since she has been on probation? As a probation officer it is my duty to make sure she is a law abiding citizen. The seven essential interview skills are: 1. Preparation- Before beginning the interview, make sure that you choose a setting that both you and the person you are talking to are comfortable. Make sure you both can make eye contact. 2. Concentration- You have to stay focused on the conversation, if not you may miss something very important! Poor listening skills can damage your reputation. 3. Focusing- Focusing on a citizen that is overwhelmed can be difficult. They can be

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