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November 8th, 2007 Diesel Playhouse in Downtown Toronto on Wednesday Jewtopia Jewtopia is a comedy with a 2-hour duration including a 15-minute intermission written by Bryan Fogel and Sam Wolfson and directed by Avery Saltzman. The cast includes Matt Baram, David Kerr, Judy Marshak, Aron Tager, Jeanie Calleja, Allan Prince and Jane Luk. This play shows Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8pm and Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 2pm since early October until now extended December 1st. This comedy is a story of a gentile trying hard to become a Jew in attempt to pursue Jewish girl supported by his Jewish buddy in a deal of matching up his buddy with different Jewish girls. The play begins with the duet of Mark Baram playing the role of Adam Lipschitz, a Jew of an anxious character and David Kerr as Chris O’Connell, a smart, confident looking gentile both in consent of pursuing Jewish woman. Chris requests Adam to teach him what it is like to be a Jew and in return, he will match Adam with Jewish girls. His reason behind this is that he is chasing a Jewish Girl – Allison Collen (Jeanie Calleja) and being paranoid that she will only date him if he was a real Jew. And also, Adam was somewhat incapable and…show more content…
A mixture of blue and purple lighting beautifully enchanted the stage and deemed lights were used during necessary scenes. The timing of the music and sound effects were spot on and well accommodated the set. The stage was most impressive of the Diesel playhouse being wide and deep allowing stage props as backgrounds and desks to be easily changed and removed while still leaving a lot of space for the actors to hop around comfortably. Costumes were another major thing in this play as some actors have more than one cast and it was of great help making each cast distinct. Complemented by a highly responsive crowd the actors were able to comfortably act. Together, it successfully brings out a Jewish

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