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Judaism is one of the oldest organized religions based on monotheism. The Jews believe in one God and this belief is traditionally practiced by the Jewish Community. Their faith is based upon the stories from the Torah (Old Testament), which is believed to have been revealed to Israel, to use as a doctrine and guide for conducting their lives. The Jewish people believe they have a special covenant with God and they are His chosen people. Devout Jews are taught to obey the laws of God who is loving and caring and grants exceptional favors to them. This relationship occurred between God and Abraham and subsequently offered and extended to all mankind during the relationship of God and Noah. Prior to my attendance to Congregation Shaarai…show more content…
The chairs were very close together where it was almost impossible to move without rubbing elbows with the person next to you. I considered their spatial beliefs and assumed that the Jewish community must be tightly knit and they accept the idea of a close personal space with occasional touching. The men, women and children were randomly seated among each other and wore modern-day clothing. Some of the men wore a yarmulke which is a ritual skullcap head covering worn as a sign of respect toward God. A woman Cantor (a person who leads the congregation in prayer and song) stood atop a podium positioned at the right of the altar. The Rabbi (a spiritual leader of the Jewish congregation) stood on a podium to the left. A tall floor-standing candelabra (Menorah) was placed on in the back of either side of the altar. Each candelabrum contained 9 lights which represented the light of God. The candelabra were lit and the service…show more content…
God was not made to be feared, but to be loved, unlike the Christian faith. I have come to realize that Jews do not hate Jesus and that they actually honor him. However, they view him as a profit rather than a messiah. I was surprised when I realized there are people who convert to Judaism. I was under the impression that one had to be born a Jew. Many times I wondered what it would be like to go to a Jewish service, but was afraid and embarrassed to attend. Being a college student who is taking a Cultural Perspectives course gave me a good excuse! I also enjoyed not listening to a long sermon, which I have heard in the church that I

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