Jetblue And The Storm Of 2007 Essay

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Jet Blue Airlines entered into the airline industry running full speed into a new era. They successfully positioned themselves as the low cost customer service leader, achieving their initial mission. They established their competitive advantage over other airlines with their exceptional drive to meet all customer needs through revolutionary in-flight entertainment, more efficient ticket systems, paperless cockpits and of course providing this at affordable prices. However their significant early accomplishments were all forgotten after a winter storm struck in February of 2007 and caused over 1,500 flights to be cancelled. Their initial reaction as the storm was approaching was to try and keep as many flights going as they could. They thought this would be the best approach for their customers, but after the storm worsened, their baggage claim system failed, the reservation system fell short, and their other applications they use to eliminate flight disruptions and keep contact with personnel crashed they were left in a very dark hole. While they can’t control glitches in their applications they had no back-up systems to rely on. Caught up in their successful run they neglected to cover all their bases. After this catastrophe the corporation was left with many angry and frustrated customers. Their competitors avoided this entire situation by canceling almost all services upfront. All of their loyal customers were now looking at their beloved airline with questioning eyes. They did everything they could to regain customer support. They announced large compensations to all customers, instated a customer “bill of rights”, and then CEO Neeleman even publicly announced an

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