Jetblue Changing The Face Of Air Travel

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JetBlue Changing the Face of Air Travel Annette Seymour BUS630: Managerial Accounting Instructor: Mark Taylor January 23, 2012 1. What is JetBlue’s strategy for success in the marketplace? Does the company rely primarily on a customer intimacy, operational excellence, or product leadership customer value proposition? What evidence supports your conclusion? JetBlue's core strategy is to “provides high-quality customer service at low fares primarily on point-to-point routes" (“JetBlue”, 2005). Offering alternative choices to customers such as point-to-point routes to areas that are not catered to by most airlines as well as large metropolitan areas that have had” high average fares” is another part of their strategy. Differentiating their product and service is another part of the plan. Items like new aircraft, leather seats, free LiveTV at every seat and pre-assigned seating are just a few things that make JetBlue different (“JetBlue”, 2005). I would say that JetBlue would fall under both customer intimacy and product leadership customer value proposition. According to Noreen, Brewer and Garrison (2011), companies may offer their customers more than one of these propositions. Mainly, think that they fall under the product leadership customer value proposition. Even though they have customer feedback and have done research on the other airlines on how to serve them, it is the product as well as the service that keeps people coming back. 2. What business risks does JetBlue face that may threaten the company’s ability to satisfy stockholder expectations? What are some examples of control activities that the company could use to reduce these risks? (Hint: Focus on pages 17-23 of the 10-K/A.) One of the most business risks that JetBlue faces that may threaten its ability to satisfy stockholder expectations is the unionization of

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