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JetBlue Airways incorporates several methods for success; high quality customer service, low-cost flights as well an excellent product which focuses on customer needs. By providing their customers a superior level of customer service that seems to be almost non-existent in this day and age, JetBlue Airways provides services to those areas that were not receiving the attention that they could use as well as tapping into those markets that were offering higher priced flights “We focus on serving markets that previously were underserved and large metropolitan areas that have had high average fares” (JetBlue, 2004). By doing this, they are able to capitalize on a market that is not being utilized by other travel businesses. There are a number of risks that JetBlue seems to have regarding this 10K/A 1. Highly competitive industry 2. Unsuccessful implantation of growth strategy 3. The hiring of competent staff who maintain the culture of JetBlue JetBlue’s strategy of maintain customer excellence and providing needed low cost service is a definite way to stay up above the competition, customers want a low cost airline that gives them what they need in terms of pricing as well as destination. JetBlue, will be in a position of failure if a growth strategy is not in place to increase capital and foresee methods in which to cover debt and make a profit “ Achieving our growth strategy is critical in order for our business to achieve economies of scale and to sustain or increase our profitability” (JetBlue,2004) Gating is an important issue that must be looked at, due to the fact it could limit their sales “We will also need to obtain additional gates at some of our existing destinations. Any condition that would deny, limit or delay our access to airports we seek to serve in the future will constrain our ability to grow” (JetBlue, 2004). In order for JetBlue to

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