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1. JETBLUE AIRWAYS CORPORATION - 2005A Strategic Management Case • 2. Outline 2IntroductionStrategy Formulation Stage Vision & Mission Formulation SLEPT Analysis CPM, EFE, IFE SWOT, SPACE, Market Focus Matrix IE, Grand Strategy Matrix QSPMStrategy Implementation Stage Recommendations Annual Objectives and PoliciesStrategy Evaluation Stage • 3. Introduction JetBlue( High competition in US airline industry.(3 ( Established in 1998 and started service in 2000 ( Goal has been to establish itself as a leading low-fare, low-cost passenger airline by offering customers high-quality customer service and differentiated products. ( Focus on underserved markets. ( 108 flights in 2002 and 316 in 2005 serving 32 destinations. ( By mid 2005, fleet of 77 new Airbus A320 Aircraft ( Stock price $20 in 2002 and peaked at $26.4 in 2005. • 4. Introduction ( JetBlue Facts Sheet (4 (First and only US to launch with more than 100 million in capital (First and only to offer 24 channels of live satellite free at every seat. (First and only to broadcast the Olympics live at every seat. (First to introduce “paperless cockpit” technology. (Only US to be 100% ticketless. (First to install bulletproof cockpit doors. ( Major Competitors (First and only to install security cameras. (American (Southwest United • 5. Vision & Mission 5PROPOSED VISIONAt JetBlue our vision is to be the best regional air carrier by providing low-fare, low-cost, enjoyable and safe flight experiences to our passengers. • 6. Vision & Mission 6Proposed Mission StatementsJet Blue’s mission is to be the leading low-fare, low-cost passengerairline offering high quality customer service to underservedmarkets and customers who are looking for the best value in theirflight. We have the newest most advanced planes that are reliable,safe, fuel efficient, utilizing advanced technologies, and unique

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