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JetBlue – Valentine’s Day Massacre - Case Study MBA525 27 May 2014 JetBlue – Valentine’s Day Massacre - Case Study From being called the “Valentine’s Day from hell” to the “Valentine’s Day Massacre”, February 14, 2007 will likely go down as the worst day in JetBlue's history. The winter storm that blasted the Midwest and Northeast wreaked havoc with travelers and airlines alike. It started as a winter ice storm forecasted to change to rain. JetBlue officials at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport gambled that temperatures would warm up enough to change the snowfall and icy slush into rain. (Argenti, 2013 p. 104). They continued to load flights and allow them to taxi to the runway. Unfortunately the conditions did not clear as expected. With planes backing up from all directions, some passengers waited to board planes that would eventually be cancelled, while others waited for take-off that would never happen. Passengers were unable to de-plane as there were no available gates and the runway equipment used to tow the planes were frozen to the ground. JetBlue Airways experienced a major blow to their reputation when nine airplanes were grounded on the tarmac at JFK Airport for more than eight hours due to an ice storm. Other airlines had cancelled their flights earlier in the day. Hundreds of JetBlue passengers waited to board flights that would eventually be cancelled. “We thought there would be these windows of opportunities to get planes off the ground…freezing rain continued to fall, entombing hundreds of passengers inside JetBlue planes that were stranded on the runways (Argenti, 2013, p. 104)”. . Passengers eventually were able to de-plane on buses from the port authority taking them back to the airport. JetBlue offered to provide customers with a full-refund but the damage to the customer-organization relationship had already be done. On that

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