Jet Blue Case Analysis

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Jeb Blue Case Analysis Introduction: This article is a about the airline company JetBlue which was founded on February 11, 2001. Known as one of the very few airlines which have actually managed to make a profit since the downturn in the travel business, which was a result of the September 11th attacks and the Iraq war. JetBlue has managed to have 12 consecutive profitable quarters through the great airline depression. It was founded by David Neeleman who had a vision that he would bring back humanity to air travel. They are based out of New York City with flights going to 21 cities in the U.S and Puerto Rico. Problem Statement: JetBlue’s main purpose is to provide outstanding customer service than all other airlines. They believe giving customers exactly what they wanted in the form of an innovative product delivered by friendly crewmembers who believed in service. David Neeleman founded that customers were being treated inhuman by being provide smaller seats, unfriendly employees and overworked planes. So he created an airline that had luxury for passengers at a low price with friendly employees who would treat customers like family. Strategic Analysis: JetBlue has many strengths but I think the main one is that they are based out of New York City which is the largest city in the U.S. This gives them access to a large number customer base which they can attract to use their product. They also provide luxury that the other airlines do not offer like leather seating with longer leg room, live TV and music at every seat for free at the same low price as their competitors. JetBlue has newer fleets of aircrafts compared to others airline companies. This is an advantage for them because maintaining a newer fleet is less expensive than maintaining an older one. Other strengths are that they have good customer satisfaction and excellent advertising. The
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