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Brent Douglas Professor: Gary Burchette LBIB/LHUM 3113: Life of Christ 10 August 2012 Page-1 Jesus Christ Project 1. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, wrote the books about Jesus. 2. Matthew appears to be writing to Jewish-christian communities struggling with their relationship to Judaism. He stress the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies to show that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah Mark's Gospel is often associated with the church in Rome, written to encourage that church to endure the persecutions instigated by the emperor Nero. Gospel of Luke, it was composed in Koine Greek, Like Mark (but unlike Matthew), the intended audience is the Greek-speaking populations of the region; it assures readers that Christianity is an international religion, not an exclusively Jewish sect.( Wikipedia) John’s intended audience and purpose has been in wide dispute. Some profess the Gospel was for Hellenistic Greeks to counter heresies circulated at the time. Others say it was for Jewish communities, while still others claim it was for the strengthening and encouragement of the established churches in Asia and beyond. While there’s no doubt the Gospel achieved all of these, it can be easy to confuse results with specific intent of the author.( GOSPEL OF JOHN: ORIGINAL AUDIENCE) 3. There are numerous differences to be found if the gospels, although the similarities outweigh the differences. Matthew's Gospel and Luke's Gospel are recognized by scholars as largely based on Mark's Gospel, so much of Matthew and Luke is consistent with Mark, although with some embellishments and other changes. Mark' s Gospel did not mention the birth of Jesus. Matthew and Luke each provides a quite different infancy story, as well as different genealogies for Joseph. Page-2 Similarly, the gospel provide quite different and largely incompatible stories about the crucifixion. Mark did

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