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Jesus and Mohammed HUM 130 02/05/2012 Jesus and Mohammed As of 2007 Christianity boasts a world-wide following of over 2 billion members (, 2007). Its Abrahamic counterpart known as Islam however is not far behind in total worshippers. However, this is not the only difference that separates these two faiths. Each religion believes in and has its own progenitors or individuals who stand at the beginning of the creation of their respective faith. For Christians, it is a divine man known as Jesus Christ; for Muslims the Prophet Mohammed. It is important to understand where these men came from, how their deaths influenced future generations, if and how they are worshipped, and if their original messages still hold true today. First we will discuss the life and times of Jesus Christ. It is said that Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem, fulfilling what was seen at the time as rabbinic prophecy of the Messiah. However, intense debate exists in religious and non-religions circles about the validity of this claim; with opponents declaring that it was more likely that he was born in or around the town of Nazareth in Galilee (Fisher, 2005). Jesus was born via Immaculate Conception by the Virgin Mary. His father Joseph was a poor carpenter who himself was originally from Bethlehem. After his birth, two promising events transpired. The first being an appearance by the angels of the Lord declaring him to be the Savior. The second event was that of the three Magi so named Balthazar, Melchior, and Gaspar who brought Mary and Joseph symbolic gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This act was a direct conformation by the Gentile people of what would amount to his divine kingship. Unfortunately, from conception to about the age of twelve, very little is known about the youth of Jesus. However, once he returns to the scene, the very foundations

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