Jesus Christ Superstar

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In the film “Jesus Christ Superstar” we see the human side of Jesus, one that the bible hardly portrays. There are varous scences where Jesus is sometimes overwhelmed and has human emotions and characteristics and not always apprearing to be divine. The movie also portrays the other characters with human emotions and characteristics as well. Mary Magdalene is seen as a strong woman who has awakened Jesus’ sexual side. Judas is sometimes seen as a friend showing tough love to Jesus. Mary Magdalene’s character I’m sure upset people because of her relationship to Jesus.Their relationship was seen as genuine and leading to Jesus to explore his sexuality, in a good way. Often times, people think that being a sexual being is a bad thing especially if you are Jesus Christ. Jesus is supposed to be the divine healer and not one that gets caught up in human emotions and entanglements. Mary Magdalene is a controversial character even without the movie because it suggests that Jesus gave into temptation and may have had a relationship with this woman. I personally feel that the makers of this movie took this idea and expanded on it and made it even more controversial than what it is. Another instance where we see Jesus being overwhelmed is the scene with the Lepers. Here we see that he cannot handle the pressure of being the healer for all humankind. He even says “There is too little of me”. Here he has a wordly perspective that no matter what good he can try to change and do he will never be able to heal all. This is a very rational human thought, something Jesus is never portrayed doing in any of the Gospels.We also see how all of the pressure is overwheming and has been building throughout the movie. We see another instance of this in the Leper scence when they talk about power and glory and the foreshadowing dying for his people we see a close up of his facial expression.
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