Jesus and Mohammed Essay

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Jesus and Mohammed: a comparative analysis Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed Al Amin, why are both men are adored and celebrated by billions of people around the world? What makes them so great? What were their contributions to the modern day society? The purpose of this essay would be to shed more light on each of these individuals, on who they were and what they did in their lifetimes, to compare and contrast the lifestyles and teachings of both men. Jesus Christ Jesus Christ is one the most popular figures to ever walk this earth. He was the proclaimed son of God, the saviour of the world. But this redeemer had a humble yet unique entry in this world. It all started with Mary and Joseph how were engaged to be married. An angel came to visit Mary and told her that she would have a child. Marry expressed her fear and puzzlement initially because she was a virgin, asking ‘’how could this be?’’. And the Angel reassured her that this son would be God’s own son and that ‘’absolutely nothing is impossible for the Lord’’. After hearing this Mary seemed rest assured, she believed and gave praise to God. Sometime later just as the Angel had prophesied, Mary became pregnant. Her husband Joseph was also visited by the angel who reassured Joseph that the child Mary carried was the son of God, Jesus. Jesus was born in a stable since the all the inns in the town of Bethlehem were too all filled up. During the birth of Jesus an Angels came to a small group of shepherds telling them of the wonderful news that the savior of this world has just been born in Bethlehem immediately they got up and headed towards Bethlehem to give praise to the new born king. Somewhere not too far away, in the eastern countries three wise men noticed a special star indicating that a new king had been born. The followed this star and it led them to Judea on getting to Judea they met up with King
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