Jesus And Mohammed Essay

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The right to religion and the worship of God is a personal right for each and every human. The two biggest and most widely accepted religions in the world are Christianity and Islam. Both religions have their respective figures. Jesus is widely accepted as the Messiah in the Christian religion while followers of Islam worship the prophet Muhammad. How has these two men amassed such a devout following that is still flourishing over two thousand years after their deaths? Is it their messages or the men themselves? What can make a person live their lives in direct obedience of these two men? Jesus Christ is the central figure in all of Christianity. Followers of Christianity accept the belief that Jesus is the son of God or even an incarnation of God. According to Gospels that are found in the Christian Bible, Jesus was born to a virgin named Mary in Bethlehem around the year 4 B.C. The fact that is mother was a virgin was a miracle by the Holy Spirit in itself. Not much is known at all about Jesus until he reaches the age of thirty. This is when John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the Jordan River. Many scholars believe this is when his ministry began officially. During the baptism, it is widely accepted that Jesus heard the voice of God and His Spirit came down upon Jesus and engulfed him. Most Christians believe that Jesus Christ served two purposes during his life. The first purpose was Jesus Christ was here to teach humans about God’s Kingdom. The second purpose and probably the most important one to Christians is that Jesus Christ was crucified at the cross and died for all of human sin. This is what all Christians base their love and belief in Christ upon. It is taught that if you form a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by accepting him to be God’s Son then you will ascend into Heaven and receive eternal life. In Islam, Jesus Christ

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