Jesus And Mohammed Essay

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There are many different types of religions all over the world today. Two religions that are similar are Christianity and Islam. One major similarity between these two religions is their belief in God. One of the major differences is who the messenger of God was. In Christianity they believed that the messenger of God was Jesus. In Islam they believed that the messenger of God was Mohammed. Jesus and Mohammed are two different people that have some similarities and differences throughout the trace of their lives, the impact of their deaths on their respective religions, the way they were worshiped, and how their messages are being carried out in the world today. The Life of Jesus Jesus was born around 6 B.C. in an obscure village of Palestine (Muhammad and Jesus, 2007). Jesus was also born to the Virgin Mary and adopted father Joseph. At the age of thirty, Jesus began his public ministry by teaching God’s word and performing miracles. His words of God and miraculous deeds attracted many people and marveled everyone. Jesus led a sinless life of moral purity which amazed his followers and even his enemies. He could also turn water into wine, walk on water; calm storms at sea, give the blind sight, heal paralyzed limbs, and even give life to the dead. The profound wisdom words that Jesus spoke are said to have been spoken with authority and revealed remarkable insight about human condition, and he told everyone that his words were from God himself (Muhammad and Jesus, 2007). Many people loved and accepted Jesus, but many Jewish religious leaders were jealous of all his wisdom and fame. They always were trying to catch him in a violation of their law. Instead of violating God’s law, Jesus was always kind, demonstrating heartfelt compassion for the poor and downcast, looking beyond the outside appearance of men and into their hearts, going out of his way to
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