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Jesus and Mohammed Essay Jennifer Herron HUM 130 Religions of the World- Glenda Mitchell February 5th, 2012 Timeline of Jesus’ Life Born in the town of Bethlehem, it is said that Jesus lived to be 33 years old during the early years of the first century. Some say he worked as a carpenter in a town called Nazareth where he was raised by his mother, Mary and also Joseph. It wasn’t until his last three years of life he was a prophet, healer, and teacher. At age 30 Jesus traveled to the river Jordan and was baptized by the prophet named John. This was when his healing, teaching, and travelling picked up, and also gained a group of followers called his disciples. The first miracle he worked was when he turned water into wine at a wedding feast in Galilee. During a teaching, he healed a crippled man and forgave all his sins. The man could walk and was forgiven of all his sins. At this point people started to realized that he was more than just a man. He was the Son of Man. The belief that being born again or “being saved” is taught in the book of John and says, “ I tell you for certain that you must be born again before you can see God’s kingdom!”, meaning that each person must accept Jesus’ salvation and have faith in him in order to get to heaven. Jesus had went back to Nazareth and went to the meeting place on Sunday, or Sabbath as they called it. He read the book of Isaiah the prophet and proclaimed that the Lord’s Spirit spoke to him and said he was the chosen one, to give sight to the blind, tell good news to the poor, deliver freedom to prisoners, and free people who are suffering. That was the chosen year. There is a particular part of his life where people began to see him as the Son of God. It was when Peter and the disciples were on a boat that had led away from the shore was being tossed around by wind and waves, Jesus came and walked on the water

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