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In today’s society there are two major religions that seem to be hell bent on destruction of the other. This seems almost absurd since they both claim the same history. The major prophets of both religions are similar in their history and message. One cannot help but wonder if these men could see what their message has become if they would not be disappointed. It takes a whole lot of good to transform a religion. However it takes only a couple of bad events carried out in the name of those religions to permanently damage the way they are viewed. The faces of religions are often scarred by the tragedies that have occurred in their name. The person on the outside looking in has to wonder how such messages left by the prophets could be interpreted in a way that allows these behaviors. Jesus and Mohammed The religions of Christianity and Islam are large religions that influence world events on a daily basis. It is impossible to turn on the TV and not find a story that has the two referenced in it somewhere. In this paper I would like to give background on the two prophets who are considered the founders of these religions as we know them today. We will cover how they lived, how they are worshipped, and how their message has been carried out. Jesus, according to religious writings, was born of woman but conceived of God. This is referred to as the virgin birth. Traveling for census his family was in Bethlehem at the time of his birth. They then returned to Nazareth where Jesus grew up. Little is known about Jesus childhood in Nazareth (Fisher, 2005). We have records of his traveling to the Holy city of Jerusalem at the age of twelve. For all intents and purposes his ministry really seems to have begun around the age of thirty years of age. It ended at roughly thirty four years old in crucifixion. As for children or wives, there is no record that Jesus had either.

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