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Most children with siblings think that if they had to grow up as an only child they would be lonely and miserable, but I personally find myself lucky to have had a childhood without bothersome brothers or sisters. My mother gave birth to me when she was thirty-four years old, therefore attempting to have a child after me, considering her age, could have been dangerous for both my mother and that child. I was born and raised in Roscommon, Michigan, and grew up with three boys, Gage, Garrett, and Grant, who were like brothers to me. My entire family spent just about every weekend at Higgins Lake Boat Club on Higgins Lake, which was not even a mile away from my house. At the club my friends and I would search the lake for interesting stones, go kayaking, and we would even go fishing occasionally. I enjoyed spending my childhood in a small town surrounded by friends and family. When I was nine years old my parents told me we were moving to Florida. Leaving Michigan was such a challenge for me because my entire family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, everyone, lived there, but I had no say in the matter. I began attending Helen Caro Elementary, and soon after my arrival was accepted into the Gifted Program. Throughout elementary school I took art classes, dancing and acting classes, participated in several different sports, but did not take school seriously. I did not start caring about school and my grades until I reached eighth grade at Jim C. Bailey Middle School. My Algebra 1 class, taught by Mr. Riley, is what changed my ways and led me on a path to success. Mr. Riley drove me, helped me through any academic challenges I faced, and inspired me to be a better student. I know for sure that if I had never had him as a teacher, I would not be who I am to this very day. Now that I am in high school I dedicate my entire life to academics and athletics. My parents

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